leadership letter

2014 was a pivotal year for Enterprise. With the delivery of our strategic plan, we put a stake firmly in the ground and set forth a bold generational goal: Enterprise, with our partners, will end housing insecurity in the United States.

The importance of where we live has never been clearer than it is today. Every day, we continue to learn just how much our environment impacts our lives – our financial stability; our children’s cognitive and physical development; their health and safety; the strength of our social networks; and our access to vital resources. In short, where we live overwhelmingly determines our access to opportunity in life.

At the center of this is our home.

Home is much more than a shelter. It is a platform – the critical first rung on the ladder of opportunity. At Enterprise, we believe that opportunity begins when people have a safe, healthy and affordable place to call home – it grows with access to good schools, jobs, transit and health care.

Yet, the reality is that for too many families, that critical first rung is in danger of slipping away. Today, 19 million families are either homeless or spending at least half their paychecks on housing. This leaves them severely cost-burdened, unable to pay for other critical expenses, like nutritious food or transportation to get to work. In the face of rising rents and stagnating wages, families are often just a paycheck or illness away from losing their homes and seeing their lives unravel.  

Adding to this insecurity: too often families’ homes are isolated from opportunity.

That’s why at Enterprise we look far beyond the raw number of housing units we help create and work to ensure that the homes we make possible are affordable to low-income families; available in markets where the supply gap is growing; healthy, well-designed and sustainable over the long run; and connected to opportunity.

In more than three decades of supporting communities throughout the U.S., with $18.6 billion invested, nearly 340,000 affordable homes built or preserved, over 2,500 partnerships cultivated and a long track record of leading policy changes, we have learned what it will take to provide every family with a quality, affordable home connected to opportunity.

Creating opportunity requires new levels of capital in our communities; transformational public policy on the federal, state and local levels; innovative solutions on the ground, across the country; and the support of critical partners like you.

Enterprise’s work in 2014 demonstrates how we will get there. With the help of our partners, last year we invested $2.7 billion for impact, including investments in over 16,400 quality, affordable homes for families across the country. This resulted in over $3,000 in new and meaningful discretionary income for each of the families touched by our work.

Our investments contributed to the creation of over 28,000 new jobs, leading to $1.29 billion in new income for U.S. workers. Our investments also went well beyond housing, toward other key community assets, like local health centers, which will serve 27,000 new patients in need of care.

But those numbers only tell part of the story. In this annual report, we show you how a quality home has helped Trenise Bryant and her family rebuild their lives in New Orleans. You will see how an affordable home developed near public transit is helping link Jack Avila to better health and family stability in Denver. You will learn how in Southern California we’re helping to bring needed physical and mental health care services to children and families, right in their community.

The stories in this report illustrate how our success is only possible through the support of our partners. We need your help. Whether it is through a gift, an investment or on-the-ground partnership, your support is essential.

We look forward to a day when everyone, regardless of circumstance, has a safe, healthy and affordable home in a thriving community.

Your involvement makes all the difference. Thank you.

  • Terri L. Ludwig
    President & CEO

    Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

  • J. Ronald Terwilliger
    Chairman of the Board

    Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

Ending Housing Insecurity

In communities across the country, rents are rising, wages are stagnating and families are having a harder time finding a quality home that they can afford. The result is a deep and persistent housing insecurity crisis.

Housing is by far the largest monthly expense for most families. It’s also the cause of unmanageable stress, long-term health issues and other problems that left unresolved can lead to homelessness for too many families.
Nearly 19 million low-income families – about one in six households in the U.S. – pay more than half of their monthly income on housing, meaning they have to make difficult trade-offs simply to keep a roof over their heads. Some are forced to live in overcrowded or unsafe conditions, while others are left with impossible choices: make rent or buy groceries, pay the electric bill or put gas in the car to get to work. And many families are just one unforeseen event – an illness, a job loss, even a drop in hours at work – from seeing an eviction notice on their front door.

Enterprise believes that housing insecurity ends with homes that are:

  • Affordable to low-income families
  • Available in markets where the supply gap is growing
  • Healthy, well-designed and sustainable
  • Connected to good schools, jobs, transit and health care

Enterprise and our partners will end housing insecurity in the U.S. within a generation. As a down payment on our goal, by 2020 we will provide opportunity to 1 million low-income families through quality, affordable housing and connections to good schools, jobs, transit and health care.

Join us.



  • Diamond Health Center

    "We've Turned a Corner of Hopelessness into a Corner of Hope"

    Willie Newton, Head of Security, Family Health Centers of San Diego, San Diego

    Against a brilliant blue sky, the Diamond Neighborhoods Family Health Center looks as tough as a bison, as sturdy as a mesa. Bright Southwestern colors suffuse the stucco facade. That solid exterior harbors a vital community jewel.

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  • Jack Avila, Denver

    "I Took Back My Health and My Life"

    Jack Avila, Resident, Denver

    Jack Avila lives at Lamar Station Crossing, a short walk from the train platform, and rides the West Line three times a week. His 45-minute rides never feels that long. If he were to drive, “Sure, it would be faster,” Jack says. “But I haven’t driven for 20 years.”

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  • Trenise Bryant, New Orleans

    "We're in the Heart of the City"

    Trenise Bryant, Resident, New Orleans

    The bus door opens and children rush out. In minutes, the sidewalks are filled with footballs, bikes, jump ropes. Hundred-year-old live oaks extend twisting branches near the balconies and porches of New Orleans-style homes.

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Enterprise is already making substantial progress toward our 2020 commitment. Last year, we ensured that nearly 110,000 families had access to safe, healthy and affordable homes. We also provided 70,000 families connections to good schools, jobs, transit and health care.

In response to President Obama's Climate Action Plan, Terri Ludwig announced that Enterprise will work with local partners to install 16 megawatts of solar energy in low-income communities – the equivalent of powering 1,500 affordable homes annually.

Enterprise is leading the charge to end housing insecurity in the U.S., building off of more than three decades of experience creating opportunities for low-income families. Since 1982, we have created nearly 340,000 affordable homes, invested $18.6 billion and touched millions of lives. We focus on systemic change to the way that affordable housing is financed, built and supported nationwide. Enterprise is the only housing organization in the U.S. with deep expertise in three major catalysts for systemic change: impact capital, innovative on-the-ground solutions and transformative public policy.


We're a leader in socially-driven capital investment, pioneering new financial tools and matching socially-conscious investors with opportunities that yield economic returns alongside intentional and measurable impact for communities.

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit $620 Million

6,189 Affordable Homes

64 Developments

New Markets Tax Credit $46.9 Million

443,498 Square Feet

1,330 Jobs

Bellwether Real Estate Capital, LLC $1.8 Billion 3,563 Affordable Homes
Enterprise Community Loan Fund $75 Million 3,640 Affordable Homes
Multifamily Opportunity Fund $13.8 Million 1,100 Affordable Homes
Enterprise Homes $61 Million 323 Affordable Homes
Grants $12.9 Million 11,240 Affordable Homes


$2.7 Billion 16,400 Affordable Homes


Diamond Health Center

"We've Turned a Corner of Hopelessness into a Corner of Hope"

Willie Newton, Head of Security, Family Health Centers of San Diego, San Diego

Against a brilliant blue sky, the Diamond Neighborhoods Family Health Center looks as tough as a bison, as sturdy as a mesa. Bright Southwestern colors suffuse the stucco facade. That solid exterior harbors a vital community jewel.

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Enterprise has experts on the ground, from coast to coast, working with local partners to test and scale new solutions. Our efforts target some of the most pressing housing and economic problems facing low-income communities.

  • Enterprise Advisors provides technical assistance (TA) consulting services to state and local governments and their nonprofit partners to help foster innovative housing and community development programs.

    • The National Resource Network, administered by Enterprise and its consortium partners, completed the first nine of several dozen assessments in cities facing economic challenges, and launched its first two intensive engagements.
    • Capacity building and technical assistance were delivered to more than 100 cities, public housing authorities and nonprofits to more effectively administer and leverage local and federal resources for low-income households.
  • Enterprise Markets work in the field with partners to solve critical issues facing low-income communities across the U.S. Whether preserving affordable housing near transit or ensuring families have access to jobs, health care and other services, we’re constantly collaborating. Together, we identify, pilot and scale opportunity-building solutions for low-income people. 

  • Chicago works to produce and preserve sustainable, affordable housing connected to opportunity. 

    • Advanced solutions in green operations, maintenance and resident engagement through the launch of the Enterprise Sustainability Exchange (ESE) collaborative and managing the Chicago Neighborhood Energy Challenge.
    • Invested in transit-oriented development (TOD) in the Chicago region, including an equity investment in Lake Street Studios, a new nine story building in Chicago’s West Loop which provides 61 homes for homeless and at-risk homeless individuals.
  • Denver focuses on equitable transit-oriented development, state and local policy, and ending chronic homelessness. 

    • In collaboration with the Enterprise Community Loan Fund, national and local partners, expanded the Denver TOD Fund to serve the entire transit-served region, with $24 million in low-cost, long-term capital. The fund has made 11 loans since its launch in 2010, creating a pipeline of 900 homes and more than 100,000 square feet of community facilities.
    • Developed a partnership with CSH and Denver to create Colorado’s first social impact bond, focused on addressing the needs of Denver’s frequent utilizers of the jail and hospital detox through permanent supportive housing and intensive services.
  • Gulf Coast has committed to rebuilding homes and communities in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. 

    • Invested over $306 million in grants, loans and equity towards the production or preservation of nearly 9,000 affordable homes in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.
    • Leading HUD’s homelessness working group, Enterprise helped New Orleans become the first major U.S. city to end veteran homelessness in December 2014.  New Orleans has also achieved a significant reduction in chronic homelessness. 
  • Mid-Atlantic works in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia to preserve affordable housing without displacing current residents, produces new affordable homes and community facilities through its Faith-based Development Initiative, and enhances educational options and outcomes for residents and green building. 

    • Provided $20 million in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit equity and $6 million in short-term debt to support over 400 transit-accessible and amenity-connected homes in a Washington, D.C., neighborhood experiencing dramatic price escalations.
    • Provided $15 million in New Market Tax Credits to assist Seawall Development with its national award-winning work in the Remington neighborhood in Baltimore.
  • New York addresses the key strategic areas of preservation, sustainability, vulnerable populations and public housing, placing emphasis on state and local policy and unique capital solutions. 

    • Launched Come Home NYC, a public-private partnership that matches homeless families to available apartments. Through our advocacy efforts, we helped secure new public funding for 6,000 rent subsidies for formerly homeless families.
    • Our technical services were brought on by ConEd, New York’s primary energy provider, to complete an assessment and plan for 560 public housing buildings that outlines how the New York City Housing Authority can reduce energy costs by $14 million per year and reduce peak electric load by 12 megawatts, while also making improvements that benefit quality of life, health and resilience for residents. We successfully advocated for the inclusion of affordable housing in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Climate Action Plan.
  • Northern California works closely with key cities, nonprofit leaders and private developers to create and implement innovative strategies that address the region’s housing affordability crisis. 

    • Coordinated with San Francisco and 14 developers on the successful revitalization of 3,500 public housing units via HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) project, the country’s largest RAD effort.
    • Led cities, transit agencies, and private developers to work across silos to prevent displacement and secure financing for greenhouse gas reducing infrastructure, like rapid buses and green affordable housing.
  • Ohio focuses on affordable housing while creating new pathways to opportunity.

    • Through the Enterprise-led Cuyahoga Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Coalition, over 12,000 households received free tax preparation services, including 4,000 low-income working families claiming EITC, bringing $5.5 million back to those households.
    • Provided $10 million in New Market Tax Credit allocation for Care Alliance’s Central Health Clinic to provide full primary care for residents of Cleveland’s poorest neighborhood and one with the highest concentration of public housing. Enterprise is helping to redevelop the neighborhood as mixed-income housing using HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration program and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program.
  • Pacific Northwest works towards ensuring communities are environmentally sustainable, healthy and economically diverse places to live. 

    • Initiated a bold housing strategy for Seattle as part of the mayor’s advisory committee to address housing affordability and livability in the city. The committee’s work resulted in a plan to develop 50,000 homes in the next decade, 20,000 of which will be affordable. 
    • Provided predevelopment financing to develop and preserve over 650 affordable homes in Seattle at locations that provide good access to schools, jobs, transit, health care and other amenities that allow residents access to opportunity.
  • Southeast focuses on the metro Atlanta and Miami areas while making resources available to the larger Southeast. Our priorities are to help create and preserve affordable housing, provide low-income families access and connections to employment and necessary social resources through transit-oriented development activities, and to support programs to end homelessness. 

    • Worked with HR&A Advisors and Invest Atlanta, the city’s economic development agency, to develop a new housing strategy to expand the supply and improve the quality of all types of housing for families across the city, especially housing-insecure lower- and middle-income working families. Goals to reduce housing insecurity by 10 percent, vacant structures by 20 percent and to double housing production for a range of incomes by 2020 will be achieved through housing policy and program initiatives, financial tools, and supporting interagency coordination.
    • Provided capacity building support to Tapestry Development Group to develop the newly renovated green and energy-efficient affordable units at the Village at Blackshear for low-income residents. The rehabilitation will provide on-site case management, mental health services, medical management services, psychosocial rehabilitation, disability qualification assistance and life skills training to residents, along with outdoor community amenities and a community building.
  • Southern California is responding to the challenges and opportunities created by a rebounding economy and rapid build-out of the regional transit system, while supporting our community development corporation partners to thrive in this changing environment. 

    • Issued the report, “Financing Permanent Supportive Housing in Los Angeles,” and hosted a policy forum to identify mechanisms for stretching limited dollars to produce a greater number of permanent supportive housing (PSH) units, while outlining a policy agenda to further advance PSH preservation.
    • Facilitated development and expanded the network of our regional equity collaborative, LA THRIVES – Transit, Housing, Resources and Investment for a Vibrant Economy.
  • Enterprise National Initiatives: cross-cutting solutions in a range of areas:

  • Design Leadership solves design challenges to make affordable housing and thriving communities possible.

    • Recruited the largest Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship class in history: six talented architectural designers are working with community development corporations across the country to understand how an outcomes-based design approach can improve resident health outcomes and quality of life.
    • Supported the construction of 958 affordable homes and 13,325 square feet of community space, over half Enterprise Green Communities Criteria-certified.
    • Invested $975,000 in 26 grants to community-based organizations across the country.
A former dilapidated hospital in Cleveland, St. Luke's is now a mixed-use community of affordable homes, a charter school and more. Through multiple touchpoints and a long-term commitment, Enterprise helped transform St. Luke's into something special.


  • Enterprise Green Communities helps developers, investors, builders and policymakers make the transition to a green future for affordable housing.

    • Invested $1.1 million in 20 community-based organizations across the country to support the construction of 5,286 green affordable homes.
    • Certified 138 developments and 8,115 affordable homes to meet the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria.
    • Completed a year-long process of revising the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria.
  • Health & Housing ensures the development of healthier homes and supports healthier residents.

    • Formed the Oregon Health and Housing Learning Collaborative: a peer-to-peer group with nine nonprofit affordable housing providers working to develop strategies that improve the health and well-being of residents, while demonstrating cost savings to the health care system.
    • Launched a major study measuring the link between stable housing and health care use, costs and quality. This was an unprecedented year-long review underway in Portland, Ore., in partnership with CORE (Center for Outcomes Research & Education at Providence Portland Medical Center). Enterprise received a $250,000 grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust to support this study and the collaborative (above).
    • Expanded Ohio’s Housing First initiative. The Enterprise-led Housing First program in Cuyahoga County and partner Care Alliance launched a new integrated care system, bringing physical and dental care right to residents’ front door in a mobile clinic made possible by support from the Ohio Finance Agency.
  • Partner Sustainability helps housing organizations improve their organizational strength so they may develop and preserve more affordable housing and better serve their residents. The Partner Sustainability team works across the country, including in rural America, on tribal lands and in the Northeast.

    • Disbursed $2.4 million in grant funds to more than 40 grantees. Grant work plans include: generating positive cash flow from a portfolio through improved asset management, developing replicable preservation strategies and increasing real estate development capacity to fill holes in a city’s affordable housing delivery system.
    • Released five reports, gave nine workshops and held seven peer-to-peer discussions to promote best practices in organizational sustainability and affordable housing preservation. Subjects range from mergers to preservation to lessons learned from the strongest nonprofit affordable housing developers.
  • Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) provides financial support and technical assistance to public- and private-sector partners to create affordable homes near public transit.

    • Closed the $24 million Denver Regional TOD Fund, which provides financing for the acquisition of property along Denver transit corridors for the preservation or development of affordable housing and community facilities.
    • Awarded nearly $400,000 to 11 Section 4 grantees.
Jack Avila, Denver

"I Took Back My Health and My Life"

Jack Avila, Resident, Denver

Jack Avila lives at Lamar Station Crossing, a short walk from the train platform, and rides the West Line three times a week. His 45-minute rides never feels that long. If he were to drive, “Sure, it would be faster,” Jack says. “But I haven’t driven for 20 years.”

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Enterprise is a crucial voice for America’s low-income families. We have a strong presence in Washington, D.C., and city halls across the country, where we’re translating solutions that work into sound public policy.

  • Tax Priorities
    • Efforts of A.C.T.I.O.N. campaign, co-led by Enterprise, result in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) preserved as one of only three corporate tax expenditures in tax reform discussion draft.
    • Minimum Housing Credit rates and New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) extended as a result of Housing Credit and NMTC advocacy.
  • Appropriations
    • Congress appropriated $35 million in Section 4 funding despite a proposed cut to $20 million, following robust advocacy campaign and significant bipartisan Congressional support.
    • Enterprise-led Lift the RAD Cap Coalition successful in expanding access to Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) from 60,000 to 185,000 units of public housing.
  • Housing Finance Reform
    • Provisions from Enterprise's multifamily plan were included in three major housing finance reform bills following Terri Ludwig's congressional testimony and meetings with congressional staff and key partners.
  • Thought Leadership
  • Advocacy Overview
    • Led more than 175 Capitol Hill visits with members of Congress and their staff, and held more than 30 meetings with senior Obama Administration officials.
    • Submitted 26 comment and sign-on letters to the Obama Administration and Congress to support a range of affordable housing and community development programs.
Trenise Bryant, New Orleans

"We're in the Heart of the City"

Trenise Bryant, Resident, New Orleans

The bus door opens and children rush out. In minutes, the sidewalks are filled with footballs, bikes, jump ropes. Hundred-year-old live oaks extend twisting branches near the balconies and porches of New Orleans-style homes.

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Dynamic, passionate and committed to ending housing insecurity, our board members help set Enterprise’s vision while leading a broad range of industries, programs, markets, and policy and strategic initiatives across the country.

Enterprise Community Partners Board of Trustees

  • J. Ronald Terwilliger

    Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
    Vice Chairman
    Enterprise Community Investment, Inc.
    Chairman Emeritus
    Trammell Crow Residential
    Oyster Bay, N.Y.

  • Priscilla Almodovar

    Managing Director and Head
    Community Development Banking
    JPMorgan Chase
    New York, N.Y.

  • Gregory A. Baer

    Managing Director and General Counsel
    Corporate and Global Regulatory Affairs
    JPMorgan Chase
    New York, N.Y.

  • Maria F. Barry

    Community Development Banking National Executive
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Bank of America, N.A.
    Providence, R.I.

  • Bill Beckmann

    President & CEO
    MERSCORP Holdings, Inc.
    Mortgage Electronic Registrations Systems, Inc.
    Reston, Va.

  • Raphael Bostic

    Judith and John Bedrosian Chair in Governance & the Public Enterprise
    Director, Bedrosian Center on Governance
    Sol Price School of Public Policy
    University of Southern California
    Los Angeles, Calif.

  • Christopher Collins

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner
    First Atlantic Capital, LLC
    Boston, Mass.

  • Donald S. Falk

    Executive Director
    Tenderloin Neighborhood
    Development Corporation (TNDC)
    San Francisco, Calif.

  • Adam R. Flatto

    The Georgetown Company
    New York, N.Y.

  • Lance Fors

    LFI Properties
    Los Altos Hills, Calif.

  • Carol J. Galante

    I. Donald Terner Distinguished Professor in
    Affordable Housing and Urban Policy
    Faculty Director, Terner Center for Housing Innovation
    University of California, Berkeley
    Berkeley, Calif.

  • Dora Leong Gallo

    A Community of Friends
    Los Angeles, Calif.

  • Rick Lazio

    Jones Walker L.L.P.
    New York, N.Y.

  • Terri Ludwig

    President & CEO
    Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
    Enterprise Community Investment, Inc.
    New York, N.Y.

  • Patrick McEnerney

    Managing Director
    Non Core Operations Unit
    Deutsche Bank Securities
    New York, N.Y.

  • Beth Myers

    The Shawmut Group
    Chestnut Hill, Mass.

  • Edward Norton

    Lifetime Trustee
    Actor, Producer and Director
    New York, N.Y.

  • Barbara Poppe

    Barbara Poppe & Associates LLC
    Columbus, Ohio

  • Dina Habib Powell

    President, Goldman Sachs Bank USA's Urban Investment Group (UIG)
    Global Head, The Office of Corporate Engagement
    President, The Goldman Sachs Foundation
    Goldman Sachs & Co.
    New York, N.Y.

  • Ronald A. Ratner

    President and CEO
    Forest City Residential Group
    Cleveland, Ohio

  • Jonathan F.P. Rose

    Jonathan Rose Companies, LLC
    Katonah, N.Y.

  • Tony M. Salazar

    President, West Coast Division
    McCormack Baron Salazar
    Los Angeles, Calif.

  • Megan T. Sandel

    Associate Professor of Pediatrics
    Boston University School of Medicine
    Boston, Mass.

  • Roy Swan

    Managing Director, Global Sustainable Finance
    Morgan Stanley
    New York, N.Y.

  • Charles R. Werhane

    President and CEO
    Enterprise Community Investment, Inc.
    Columbia, Md.

  • Attorney
    Michael I. Sanders, Esquire

    Blank Rome, LLP

  • Senior Advisors
    • Susan Baker

      National Alliance to End Homelessness

    • Paul Brophy

      Brophy & Reilly LLC

    • David Callard

      Eaton Vance Investment Counsel

    • Raymond Christman

      Trust for Public Land

    • Henry Cisneros


    • Sheila Crowley

      National Low Income Housing Coalition

    • Ronald Grzywinski
    • Carol J. Parry

      Corporate Social Responsibility Associates

    • Franklin D. Raines
    • Barry Zigas

      Zigas and Associates, LLC

Enterprise Community Investment Board of Directors

  • Terri Ludwig

    Enterprise Community Investment, Inc.
    President & CEO
    Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
    New York, N.Y.

  • J. Ronald Terwilliger

    Vice Chairman
    Enterprise Community Investment, Inc.
    Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
    Chairman Emeritus
    Trammell Crow Residential
    Oyster Bay, N.Y.

  • Bill Beckmann

    President & CEO
    MERSCORP Holdings, Inc.
    Mortgage Electronic Registrations Systems, Inc.
    Reston, Va.

  • Michael D. Berman

    Michael Berman Consulting, LLC
    Miami Beach, Fla.

  • Barry C. Curtis

    Owner & President
    Best Fence, LLC
    Glen Burnie, Md.

  • W. Kimball Griffith

    Retired Vice President
    Multifamily Affordable Sales & Investments
    Freddie Mac
    McLean, Va.

  • Ronald Grzywinski

    Retired Chairman
    ShoreBank Corporation
    Chicago, Ill.

  • Arlene Isaacs-Lowe, CPA, CFA

    Head of EMEA Fundamental
    Relationship Management
    Commercial Group
    Moody's Investors Service Ltd.
    London, United Kingdom

  • David D. Leopold

    Vice President
    Affordable Sales & Investments 
    Freddie Mac Multifamily
    McLean, Va.

  • Judd S. Levy

    Former Chairman
    New York State Housing Finance Agency and
    State of New York Mortgage Agency
    New York, N.Y.

  • Sal K. Mirran

    Meiners Partners LTD
    LaGrange, Texas

  • Shekar Narasimhan

    Managing Partner
    Beekman Advisors, Inc.
    McLean, Va.

  • Keith D. Nisbet

    Senior Vice President
    Community Capital Group
    TD Bank, N.A.
    Boston, Mass.

  • Tony M. Salazar

    President, West Coast Division
    McCormack Baron Salazar
    Los Angeles, Calif.

  • Elizabeth M. Stohr

    Director, New Production
    Affordable Housing Tax Credit Investments
    U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation
    St. Louis, Mo.

  • Charles R. Werhane

    President & CEO
    Enterprise Community Investment, Inc.
    Columbia, Md.


As one of the first social enterprises, we recycle every dollar we earn back into our mission to create opportunity for low- and moderate-income people through affordable housing in diverse, thriving communities. That's the power and passion of Enterprise.

Financial Position

(in thousands)

  • 2014
  • 2013
  • $84,085 / $74,087

    Cash, cash equivalents and investments

  • $78,661 / $74,504

    Restricted cash, cash equivalents and investments

  • $15,065 / $13,311

    Contributions receivable, net

  • $88,003 / $47,224

    Accounts and other receivables, net

  • $18,408 / $12,972

    Bridge loans to unconsolidated partnerships

  • $122,097 / $111,014

    Loans receivable, net

  • $31,403 / $15,836

    Mortgage loans held for sale

  • $10,379 / $0

    Derivative assets

  • $3,539 / $5,064

    Real estate held for sale

  • $3,266 / $4,465

    Investments in operating properties

  • $43,748 / $70,501

    Investments in unconsolidated partnerships

  • $13,765 / $14,492

    Other assets, net

  • $10,863 / $11,831

    Deferred tax assets, net

  • $26,283 / $25,861

    Mortgage servicing rights, net

  • $17,318 / $16,060

    Property and equipment, net

  • $3,765 / $0


Total Assets
$570,648 / $497,222

(in thousands)

  • 2014
  • 2013
  • $38,008 / $35,124

    Accounts payable and accrued expenses

  • $35,536 / $51,406

    Capital contributions payable

  • $7,673 / $6,999

    Funds held for others

  • $4,181 / $0

    Derivative liabilities

  • $215,422 / $149,857


  • $3,389 / $3,374

    Losses in excess of investments in unconsolidated partnerships

  • $39 / $45

    Mortgage servicing obligations, net

  • $32,143 / $35,750

    Deferred revenue and other liabilities

Total Liabilities
$336,391 / $282,555

Net Assets
(in thousands)

  • 2014
  • 2013
  • $156,077 / $145,195

    Unrestricted, controlling interest

  • $17,957 / $12,975

    Unrestricted, noncontrolling interest

  • $60,223 / $56,497

    Temporarily restricted

Total Net Assets
$234,257 / $214,667
Total Liabilities & Net Assets
$570,648 / $497,222

Activities Statements

Revenue & support
(in thousands)

  • 2014
  • 2013
  Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total
Net assets released from restrictions
Total revenue and support
Total revenue and support $176,263 $154,084 $3,726 $8,274 $179,989 $162,358
Syndication, acquisition and consulting fees
Syndication and consulting fees $38,590 $34,789 - - $38,590 $34,789
Grants and contracts
Grants and contracts $33,316 $27,143 $2,000 $1,347 $35,316 $28,490
Gains from mortgage banking activities
Gains from mortgage banking activities $32,693 $24,840 - $32,693 $24,840
Asset management fees
Asset management fees $22,179 $22,028 - $22,179 $22,028
Contributions $845 $1,053 $18,713 $21,424 $19,558 $22,477
Interest Income
Interest income $10,812 $8,752 - $10,812 $8,752
Development and construction management fees
Development and construction management fees $6,283 $3,008 - $6,283 $3,008
Sale of real estate
Sales of real estate $4,163 $3,864 - $4,163 $3,864
Loan servicing fees
Loan servicing fees $3,233 $2,995 - $3,233 $2,995
Investment Income
Investment income $827 $896 $1,145 $3,264 $1,972 $4,160
Operating properties rents
Operating properties rents $1,812 $1,747 - $1,812 $1,747
Other Revenue
Other revenue $3,378 $5,208 - $3,378 $5,208
Net assets released from restrictions $18,132 $17,761 ($18,132) ($17,761) --

(in thousands)

  • 2014
  • 2013
  Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total
Total Expenses
Total Expenses $163,028 $142,818 - - $163,028 $142,818
Program activities
Program activities $137,621 $119,733 - - $137,621 $119,733
General and administrative
General and administrative $9,679 $9,555 - - $9,679 $9,555
Interest $5,633 $5,707 - - $5,633 $5,707
Cost of real estate sold (including impairment of $1,145 and $0, respectively)
Cost of real estate sold (including impairment of $1,145 and $0, respectively) $5,128 $3,739 - - $5,128 $3,739
Fundraising $2,449 $2,294 - - $2,449 $2,294
Operating properties activities
Operating properties activities $1,594 $2,326 - - $1,594 $2,326
Income tax expense (benefit)
Income tax expense (benefit) $924 ($536) - - $924 ($536)

Net Assets
(in thousands)

  • 2014
  • 2013
  Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total
Increase in net assets
Increase in net assets $13,235 $11,266 $3,726 $8,274 $16,961 $19,540
Increase in net assets, attributable to noncontrolling interest
Increase in net assets, attributable to noncontrolling interest ($3,025) ($2,238) - - ($3,025) ($2,238)
Increase in net assets, attributable to controlling interest
Increase in net assets, attributable to controlling interest $10,210 $9,028 $3,726 $8,274 $13,936 $17,302

Change in Net Assets

(in thousands)

  Controlling Noncontrolling Total
Balance, December 31, 2012
Balance, December 31, 2012 $136,167 $13,683 $149,850
Distributions - ($2,946) ($2,946)
Increase in net assets
Increase in net assets $9,028 $2,238 $11,266
Balance, December 31, 2013
Balance, December 31, 2013 $145,195 $12,975 $158,170
Distributions - ($2,443) ($2,443)
Acquisition of interest in Towle
Acquisition of interest in Towle $672 $4,400 $5,072
Increase in net assets
Increase in net assets $10,210 $3,025 $13,235
Balance, December 31, 2014
Balance, December 31, 2014 $156,077 $17,957 $174,034

Temporarily Restricted
(in thousands)

  Program Activities Cullman Challenge Grant Terwilliger Fund Total
Balance, December 31, 2012
Balance, December 31, 2012 $33,498 $10,419 $4,306 $48,223
Distributions - - - -
Increase in net assets
Increase in net assets $5,569 $2,703 $2 $8,274
Balance, December 31, 2013
Balance, December 31, 2013 $39,067 $13,122 $4,308 $56,497
Distributions - - - -
Acquisition of interest in Towle
Acquisition of interest in Towle - - - -
Increase in net assets
Increase in net assets $3,211 $513 $2 $3,726
Balance, December 31, 2014
Balance, December 31, 2014 $42,278 $13,635 $4,310 $60,223

(in thousands)

  Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Total
Balance, December 31, 2012
Balance, December 31, 2012 $149,850 $48,223 $198,073
Distributions ($2,946) - ($2,946)
Increase in net assets
Increase in net assets $11,266 $8,274 $19,540
Balance, December 31, 2013
Balance, December 31, 2013 $158,170 $56,497 $214,667
Distributions ($2,443) - ($2,443)
Acquisition of interest in Towle
Acquisition of interest in Towle $5,072 - $5,072
Increase in net assets
Increase in net assets $13,235 $3,726 $16,691
Balance, December 31, 2014
Balance, December 31, 2014 $174,034 $60,223 $234,257

WE ARE ENTERPRISE. Our family includes Enterprise Community Partners, Inc, a national Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides expertise for affordable housing and sustainable communities. Debt and equity financing for affordable housing is offered through our tax-exempt subsidiaries, Enterprise Community Loan Fund, Inc. and Enterprise Community Investment, Inc. Housing development and asset management services are offered through for-profit members of our family of companies, Enterprise Homes, Inc. and Enterprise Community Asset Management, Inc. Multifamily and commercial real estate financing is offered through Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital, LLC. The content on this report reflects information about all of these entities. Learn more about our structure.

We use “Enterprise” throughout this report to refer to the work of our collective entities, which share the same mission of creating quality, affordable homes in diverse, thriving communities.

All informational references in this report will be provided upon request. 


We thank and recognize our valued donors for their dedication to helping end housing insecurity. The commitment and generosity of donors help put Enterprise’s goal to end housing insecurity within reach.


  • Wells Fargo

    From Atlanta to Los Angeles, the support of Wells Fargo is helping Enterprise connect low-income families to opportunity. The banking and financial services company is making it possible for Enterprise to link affordable homes to public transit and promote green, healthy lifestyles.

  • Bank of America

    Across the country, the generosity of Bank of America is helping advance Enterprise’s generational goal of ending housing insecurity.  
    In 2014, Bank of America renewed its commitment with a 3-year grant of $3.75 million to help implement local community preservation strategies, a national public housing program and a call to action campaign that will raise awareness to the country’s rental housing crisis.

  • Ford Foundation

    The generous support of the Ford Foundation has been instrumental in Enterprise's efforts to strengthen the community development sector across the country. In 2014, a Ford Foundation grant of $500,000 helped promote fair housing, diversify public and private funding through new innovative financial tools, and facilitate the launch of a call to action campaign to draw attention to the rental housing crisis.


The James W. Rouse Society recognizes individual donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually to Enterprise. Members help us to honor the memory of Mr. Rouse, Enterprise founder and visionary thought leader in the affordable housing and community development movement.

  • $1,000,000+

    • Terwilliger Family Foundation, Inc.
  • $100,000 - 499,999

    • Jonathan F. P. Rose
  • $25,000 - 49,999

    • Kathleen L. & William P. Beckmann
    • Rick Lazio
    • Edward H. Norton
  • $10,000 - 24,999

    • Shirley Sagawa & Gregory A. Baer
    • Mary R. Morgan & David J. Callard
    • David Cavalier
    • Kelly & Richard A. C. Coles
    • Mathew L. Comfort
    • Elizabeth R. & Derek R. Cribbs
    • Terri Ludwig & Nick Mautone
    • Ronald A. Ratner
    • Linda & Herald Ritch
    • Tony M. Salazar
    • Ariel & Adam Zurofsky
  • $5,000 - 9,999

    • Priscilla Almodovar
    • Susan G. & James A. Baker III
    • Maria F. & Thomas W. Barry
    • Jacinta McCann & Joseph E. Brown
    • Dora & Grey E. Gallo
    • Jon & Mindy Gray Family Foundation
    • Jennifer Koen & Mark J. Horowitz
    • Robert LoCascio
    • Karen A. & Craig A. Mellendick
    • Linda Hambleton Panitz
    • Dina Habib Powell
    • Franklin D. Raines
    • Ritta Rosenberg
    • The Robert Tsien Family
    • Kathie & Charles R. Werhane
  • $2,500 - 4,999

    • Mary Catherine Bunting
    • Christopher W. Collins
    • Rachel Diller
    • Helen & Tony Di Spigno
    • Darren Fogel
    • Ann O. & William R. Frey
    • Chloe & Mikhail Gasiorowski
    • Chickie Grayson
    • Cynthia & Kenneth L. Hankin
    • Sally Rudney & Scott A. Hoekman
    • Ned Huffman
    • Renee Loux & John H. McNamara
    • Beth Myers
    • James Nicol
    • Ellen R. & Bruce I. Rothschild
    • Liz & Michael Rozen
    • Jodie Levin-Epstein & Barry Zigas
    • Susan C. & Joseph Zitolo
  • $1,000 - 2,499

    • Lisa & Scott Anderson
    • Mary Jo Barranco
    • Naomi S. & Alan Bayer
    • Laura L. Sessums & Blake A. Biles
    • Raphael W. Bostic
    • John G. Brandenburg
    • Charlotte Crow
    • Lynne Diamond & Gary Kates
    • Amy Dickerson
    • Ingrid G. & David Ellen
    • Lois B. & Eugene M. Feinblatt
    • Olivia & Adam R. Flatto
    • Shari & Lance Fors
    • Kenneth E. Garrison
    • Elizabeth & Andrew E. Geer
    • John Gleber
    • Todd Gomez
    • Elizabeth F. & W. Kimball Griffith
    • Fredye W. & Adam A. Gross
    • Janet Marie Smith & F. Barton Harvey III
    • Hilary & Peter Hatch
    • Judith Kende
    • Holly & William Lanahan
    • Jan M. Lawshe
    • Susan Z. & Judd S. Levy
    • Anne G. & Andrew M. London
    • Christine Madigan & Stephen Callahan
    • Pamela Lynn & Allan J. Malester
    • Maria & Timothy May
    • Michael D. McNeely
    • Robert Morris
    • Vivek Nayar
    • Elizabeth A. O'Leary
    • Helene F. Perry
    • John M. Reilly
    • Joan & Nicolas P. Retsinas
    • Abby Jo Sigal & Matthew W. Turner
    • Ken Sofge
    • Carolyn & David J. Walsh
    • Barbara Benenson & Marc Warren
    • Michelle K. Whetten

View Additional Donors

  • $500 - 999

    • The Appen/Chang Family
    • Heather & Jean-Paul Benveniste
    • William S. Bernstein
    • Fran Bernstein & Michael Bodaken
    • Erin & William O. Bond
    • David Bowers
    • Amy Burkholder
    • Eileen H. & Raymond R. Christman
    • Julie A. Beecher & Patrick M. Costigan
    • Barry C. Curtis
    • Thomas N. DeCaro
    • Jerilyn Donahoe
    • Kari Downes
    • Thomas Eastman
    • Susie Hobart & Billy Feitlinger
    • Andy Francis
    • David A. Friedman
    • Darlene C. & Jeff G. Galentine
    • Tammy & Geoffrey Garlow
    • Pamela B. & Jonathan M. Genn
    • Cara L. Gold
    • Sally S. & John M. Hebner
    • Bill Highsmith
    • Mary S. & James A. Himes
    • Gabriele Kende
    • Aaron Koffman
    • Doris W. Koo & Edward N. Chu
    • Andy Kuester
    • Karen M. Lado
    • Caitlin M. and Erik Lang
    • Jill A. & John R. Lion
    • Barbara & J. Robert Mann
    • Patrick McEnerney
    • Amy R. & Bruce P. Mehlman
    • Genevieve Nestor
    • Glynn Owens
    • Carol J. Parry & John R. Fox
    • Sue & J. Michael Pitchford
    • Melinda J. Pollack
    • Barbara Poppe
    • The Ramos-Ochs Family
    • Alexandra Reddish
    • Jill & Jim Resnick
    • Celia Roady
    • Pam Rockland
    • Jeannie Tseng & Colin Rust
    • Steve Sachs
    • Megan T. Sandel
    • Magali & Mitchell Smith
    • Ann & George C. Stuckey
    • Emmy & Aron Weisner
    • Sue Wilson
    • Christopher Zarra
  • $250 - 499

    • Christine & Bruce Alexander
    • Debra R. & Marc Attman
    • Alex S. Avitabile
    • Gail S. Bayarin
    • Christopher Beck
    • Noreen Beiro
    • Gaylé Jones & Dudley Benoit
    • Pamela Berkowitz
    • Carrie Brown
    • Yvette Chalom
    • Dawn Clark
    • Cynthia Cook
    • Sheila Crowley & Kent Willis
    • Carolyn S. & Dan A. Davis
    • Matthew Dowling
    • Neil Falcone
    • M. Janet Frey
    • Anna M. Garcia
    • Diana Glanternik
    • Robert A. Goldstein
    • Linda & Michael Gordon
    • Alan Haines
    • Anita & Lou Hammen
    • Kerri & Chris Herrmann
    • Prentiss Higgins
    • Bryan Hollander
    • Bomee Jung
    • Susan Kolar
    • Frida & Ara O. Kourouyan
    • Carolyn & Jason Lanzetta
    • Ellen Baer & David Lebenstein
    • Patrick James Logan
    • Derrick Lovett
    • Lynn D. & Syed Asad Mahmood
    • Kim Akemi Kawaratani
           & Dean H. Matsubayashi
    • Raoul Moore
    • Kevin C. Murphy
    • Benjamin & Hattie Nichols
    • Trish Oelrich
    • Bernard Oleniacz
    • The Owen/Karpf Family
    • Karen Paneggiante
    • Jay Patrick
    • Zachary Patton
    • Katherine & Philip K. Porter
    • Mary & Ruben Roca
    • Kristen & Bob Saada
    • Josie Sandler
    • Reina & Jeff Schaffer
    • Jeffrey Stern
    • Katie Swenson
    • Adey Tesfaye
    • Elizabeth Torgovnick
    • JoAnn Valle
    • Evan Williams
    • Carol A. & Mark A. Willis
    • James Wonneberg
    • Lee Ziff
    • Up to $249

      • Daniel Adams
      • Jennifer Adams
      • Leslie Alba
      • Margarita Alex
      • Nizam Ali
      • Montez J. Anderson
      • Susan D. Anderson
      • Lynn Appelbaum
      • Judith & Alan Appelbaum
      • James Arentson
      • The Armsworthy Family
      • Betty Lynn & Philip Armsworthy
      • Colin Arnold
      • Gerald Atkins
      • John Ayers
      • Adam Bainbridge
      • Michael Bainum
      • Alma Balonen-Rosen
      • Victoria & Sal Barreca
      • Nancy Barry
      • Iliza & Andrew Bartels
      • Geoffrey Barton
      • Sam Beall
      • Stephanie Becker
      • Rheda Becker
      • Sara Behrman
      • Amanda Benchley
      • Stephanie F. Benson
      • Jeffrey C. Berg
      • Kelly Biscuso
      • Tessa Callejo & Bill Black
      • Manuela Blaney
      • Laurel Blatchford
      • Jamie Blosser
      • Elaine & Richard Born
      • Maggie J. & Chris Bowley
      • Angela Boyd
      • Omar Boyd
      • Brenda Breaux
      • Pat Bregant
      • Mary Perkins Brown
      • Julia & Charles Bryan
      • Joan Gasser & James Buckley
      • Josh R. Budiongan
      • Kent Buhl
      • Shail Busbey
      • Julia Butler
      • Jennifer Buxtin
      • Juan Calaf
      • Sam Carlsen
      • Brita Carlson
      • Elana Carnes
      • Catherine Cartier
      • Courtney Martin & John Cary
      • Karna G. & Rafael E. Cestero
      • Richard L. Chambers
      • Hilary Chapman
      • Michael Chavez
      • Nancy Wang & Chi Chen
      • Justin Chen
      • Phuong Christian
      • Amber Christoffersen
      • Candace Claster
      • John Claster
      • Maria Cleary
      • Carey Clouse
      • Rafael Collado
      • Richard Conley
      • The Connelly Family
      • Joan & Mike Cook
      • Mary & John Cooper
      • Carol L. Corden
      • Nathaniel Corum
      • Sandra L. & Robert S. Curry
      • Marilyn M. & Larry H. Dale
      • Thelma Daley
      • Katie Danziger
      • Pamela David
      • Joanne S. & Christopher M. Davies
      • Katie Dean 
      • Kate McGrath Deans
      • Tony DeFalco
      • The DeGidio Family
      • Susan B. de Havenon
      • Michelle de la Uz
      • Jaime & Joshua DeMaso
      • Raymond Demers II
      • Julie Deutsch
      • The Dovdavany Family
      • Brian Dowling
      • The Doyle Family
      • Mim & Steve Dubin
      • Brandon K. Dughman
      • Peggy Dughman
      • Karen Dunevant
      • Keri Duryee
      • Stanley Eichelbaum
      • Sua Hernandez & Ernesto Espinoza
      • Daniella Etra
      • Beth W. & Michael L. Falcone
      • Donald S. Falk
      • Frances Falodun
      • Steven Feldman
      • Theodora Finn
      • Kevin Fitzgibbons
      • Connie Lin & Patrick Fleisch
      • Roger Fong
      • Jaye Fox
      • Suzanne Foy
      • Robert A. Francis
      • The Robert Frank Family
      • Bowyer Freeman
      • Barbara Frey
      • Cathy & John Frey
      • Sarah & Stephen Frey
      • Alice Friedman
      • Mayumi Fukushima
      • Joel Furtek
      • Joshua Galloway
      • Benjamin Gates
      • Michael Gatto
      • Marisa Ghani
      • Shira Gidding
  • Up to $249 Continued

    • Stephen L. Gimilaro
    • Mark Ginsberg
    • H. Carey Gire
    • Stephen A. Goldsmith
    • Wayne Goleski
    • Barbara Rainier Goliday
    • Luz Gomez
    • Monica Gonzalez
    • Mary & Raymond E. Good
    • William S. Goodman
    • Debra & Ted Gordon
    • Isela Gracian
    • Beth L. Graham
    • Sally Greenspan
    • John Griffith
    • Richard D. Gross
    • Linda Gross-McNeal
    • Nicole Gudzowsky
    • Sara Haas
    • Sandy & David Hahn
    • Robert M. Hankin
    • Connie & William Hankins
    • Patrick Harris
    • Douglas Henderson
    • Susan Henry
    • John Hersey
    • Grafton Hersperger
    • Parie Hines
    • Steve Hoffman
    • Heather Hood
    • Ralph Hood
    • Tina M. & Chris Horn
    • Samantha Hourihan
    • Theresa Hwang
    • Catherine V. Hyde
    • Robin R. Hyerstay
    • Sandra Jamet
    • Vickie L. Johns
    • E. Fran Johnson
    • Jerrell Johnson
    • Marian V. Johnson
    • Teresa B. Johnson
    • Polly Panitz & Allen Joseph
    • Taja Josephs
    • Ellen Kackmann
    • Chaya M. & Gerson N. Kaplan
    • Amalia Kastberg
    • Kay Martin & W. Dennis Keating
    • Dorothy Kern
    • Monica McCullough & Tom Kicior
    • Nancy Kiefer
    • Anne G. King
    • Korin, Doug & Walt King
    • Jana King
    • Nicolet E. Kirkland
    • Stephen Klimek
    • Joseph Kunkel
    • Jared Lang
    • Alyssa Lanner
    • Ann L. & James D. Lano
    • Heather V. Sweigard & Nicholas R. Law 
    • Chrissie & John Lawrence
    • Michael Lear
    • Zoe LeBeau
    • Andrea Ledbury
    • Jenny Lee
    • Mia S. Lee
    • Holly Krambeck & Thomas E. Lee
    • Sarah Letts
    • Jeremy Levkoff
    • James Lewis
    • The Lichtenstein Family
    • Cecilia L. Little
    • Abbie Loosen
    • Amie L. & Timothy R. Lynn
    • Odetta Y. Macleish-White
    • Ed Manekin
    • Brigitte & Donald Manekin
    • Eugenio Marlin
    • Tony Maroun
    • Megan E. Marsick
    • Fernando Marti
    • Holly Anne & Mark Matel
    • Connie E. Matheson
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    • Julie Matthews
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    • Mary Jane McCrory
    • Jill McCullough
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    • Martha McNamara
    • Diane A. & Carl E. Meier
    • Ramon Mendez
    • Melissa Garcia & Ben Metcalf
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    • Amy & Marty Miller
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    • Joan F. Montbach
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    • Jill & Wayne Mortensen
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    • Michelle L. Mulcahy & Evan Hellman
    • Anita Nelson
    • Karen B. & Kenrad E. Nelson
    • Stacy & Stephen J. Nock
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    • Nella Young
    • Elizabeth Zeldin
    • Angela C. & Justin Zemelman
    • Catherine Ziegler
    • Jess & Sam Zimbabwe


Organizational DONORS

  • $1,000,000+

    • Bank of America
           & Bank of America Foundation
    • JPMorgan Chase Co.
           & The JPMorgan Chase Foundation
  • $500,000 - 999,999

    • Capital One
    • Ford Foundation
    • The JPB Foundation
    • The Kendeda Fund
    • John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • $100,000 - 499,999

    • The Ahmanson Foundation
    • The Annenberg Foundation
    • The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
    • The Annie E. Casey Foundation
    • Citi & Citi Foundation
    • The Cleveland Foundation
    • Cleveland Neighborhood Progress
    • The Community Foundation for
           the National Capital Region
    • Cuyahoga County Job & Family Services
    • Deutsche Bank
    • Energy Foundation
    • Environmental Defense Fund
    • E*TRADE Financial Corporation
    • Goldman Sachs Bank USA
    • Walter & Elise Haas, Sr. Fund
    • Internal Revenue Service
    • The Kresge Foundation
    • The McKnight Foundation
    • Eugene & Agnes E. Meyer Foundation
    • Meyer Memorial Trust
    • Mizuho Bank & Mizuho Foundation
    • Morgan Stanley Foundation, Inc.
    • The New York Community Trust
    • The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
    • Presbyterian Senior Living
    • Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland
    • U. S. Bank, U.S. Bank Foundation
           & U.S. Bancorp Foundation
    • United Way of Greater Cleveland
    • Weingart Foundation
    • Wells Fargo Bank N.A. & Wells Fargo Foundation
  • $50,000 - 99,999

    • American Express Company
    • Bronx Pro Real Estate Management
    • CAMBA Housing Ventures
    • Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust
    • The Denver Foundation
    • Freddie Mac
    • Funders' Network for Smart Growth
           and Livable Communities
    • Oscar G. and Elsa S. Mayer Family Foundation
    • NeighborWorks America
    • St. Luke's Foundation
    • State Farm Insurance Companies
  • $25,000 - 49,999

    • B. Charles and Jay G. Ames Foundation
    • BlackRock Financial Management, Inc.
    • Bloomberg Philanthropies
    • The Bank of New York Mellon
    • Bocarsly Emden Cowan Esmail & Arndt LLP
    • Charles Schwab Bank
    • Galaxy General Contracting Corp.
    • The George Gund Foundation
    • HSBC Bank USA, N.A.
    • KeyBank Foundation
    • L & M Development Partners
    • Ohio Savings Bank
    • The San Francisco Foundation
    • Surdna Foundation, Inc.
    • Third Federal Savings
    • United Way of Greater Los Angeles
    • United Way of Central Maryland
    • U.S. Green Building Council
    • $10,000 - 24,999

      • Astoria Bank
      • Barr Foundation
      • The Benwood Foundation
      • Helen & Robert L. Bernstein Philanthropic Fund
      • blue moon fund, inc.
      • BRP Development Corporation
      • Harvard Design School-Loeb Fellowship
      • Bruner Foundation, Inc.
      • The BTMU Foundation, Inc.
      • Charter One Bank Foundation
      • CohnReznick LLP
      • Community Capital Management
      • The Community Development Trust
      • Dignity Health
      • Dougert Property Services, LLC
      • DP Group General Contracting
      • Dunn Development Corp
      • Federal Home Loan Banks
      • FG-PH Corporation
      • Forsyth Street Advisors, LLC
      • Bruno Frustaci Contracting Inc.
      • Gallagher, Evelius & Jones, LLP
      • Grenadier Realty Corp.
      • Group Gordon
      • Sally Mead Hands Foundation
      • Leaves of Grass Fund
      • Lemle & Wolff, Inc.
      • Lostand Foundation, Inc.
      • Lyndhurst Foundation
      • Matter Unlimited LLC
      • McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.
      • MDG Design & Construction
      • Mega Contracting Inc.
      • Newmark Knight Frank
      • Notias Construction Inc.
      • PNC Financial Services Group
             & PNC Foundation 
      • PWB Management Corp.
      • Jonathan Rose Companies, Inc.
      • Signature Bank
      • Silicon Valley Community Foundation
      • Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher
             and Flom, LLP and Affiliates 
      • Tishman Speyer Properties, Inc.
      • The Travelers Companies, Inc.
      • University of Minnesota Foundation
             Real Estate Advisors
      • US Tech Construction & Development Corp.
      • Wavecrest Management Team Ltd.
      • WinnCompanies
      • Wright Family Foundation
  • $5,000 - 9,999

    • American Communities, LLC
    • Barker Management, Inc.
    • Boston Private Bank & Trust Company
    • BRIDGE Housing Corporation
    • California Community Foundation
    • California United Bank
    • Canon Solutions America
    • City National Bank
    • CME Group Foundation
    • Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
    • Dart Group Foundation, Inc.
    • Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs
    • First Republic Bank
    • The Generosity Fund of
           The Maclellan Family Foundations
    • The Georgetown Company
    • GTG Consultants, PC
    • ICON Builders
    • Lettire Construction Corporation
    • M&T Bank & M&T Foundation
    • Mercy Housing, Inc.
    • Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP
    • Pier Sixty, LLC
    • The J. Pilla Group LTD
    • Preservation Partners Management Group, Inc.
    • Proto Property Services LLC
    • Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP
    • Silicon Valley Bank
    • Sulzberger Foundation
           Marian Heiskell Giving Fund
    • TD Bank thru TD Charitable Foundation
    • TLM Associates, LLC
    • UnionBank
  • $2,500 - 4,999

    • Beneficial State Bank
    • California Bank & Trust
    • Chaney Foundation Fund for Land Use Education
    • Citizens Bank
    • The Community Preservation Corp
    • E-J Electric Installation Co.
    • Fifth Third Community Development Corporation
    • Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation
    • FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities
    • IberiaBank
    • Redfin Real Estate
    • University Neighborhood Housing Program
  • $1,000 - 2,499

    • A A D Construction Corporation
    • Aquinas Housing Corp.
    • The Arker Companies
    • Bank of the West
    • Benchmark Title Agency, LLC
    • Brophy & Reilly, LLC
    • Cahill Contractors, Inc.
    • Campaign Consultation Incorporated
    • CB Emmanuel Realty LLC
    • CC Technical Contracting Corp.
    • Chicago Title Insurance Company
    • Creel Printing LLC
    • CTBC Bank Corp.
    • Curtis + Ginsberg Architects, LLP
    • Federated Title Services, LLC
    • G. Fazio Construction Co., Inc.
    • GKC Industries, Inc.
    • Goldstein Hall PLLC
    • HANAC, Inc.
    • Hessel, Aluise and Neun, PC
    • Hirschen Singer & Epstein LLP
    • Housing Innovations LLC
    • Hudson Companies
    • Lasberg Construction Associates, Inc.
    • Lemor Realty, Inc.
    • Low Income Investment Fund, Inc.
    • Neuberger Berman LLC
    • New York Community Bank
    • Oaklander, Coogan & Vitto Architects, P.C.
    • The Phipps Houses Group
    • Thomas Safran & Associates
    • Shinda Management Corporation
    • Single Room Occupancy Housing Corporation
    • The John Stewart Company
    • Transit Center, Inc.
    • Leon N. Weiner & Associates
    • Steven Winter Associates Incorporated

View Additional Donors

  • $500 - 999

    • Alpha Construction Company, Inc.
    • Apartment List, Inc.
    • Bozzuto & Associates Insurance Services
    • Cassidy Turley/Commercial Real Estate Services
    • Center for Urban Community Services
    • Coalition for Responsible Community Development
    • Common Ground Management Corp.
    • The Community Builders, Inc.
    • Community Housing Partnership
    • Corporation for Supportive Housing
    • The Doe Fund, Inc.
    • Sandra Erickson Real Estate Inc.
    • Famicos Foundation
    • FirstMerit Bank, N.A.
    • Gubb & Barshay LLP
    • Hawkins, Delafield & Wood
    • KPMG LLP
    • Lindquist, von Husen & Joyce LLP
    • Local Initiative Support Corporation
    • Magnusson Architecture & Planning
    • Marin Community Foundation
    • The Moody's Foundation
    • New Market Tax Credit Advisory Board
    • PathStone Corporation
    • PATH Ventures
    • The Pew Charitable Trusts
    • Selfhelp Community Services, Inc.
    • STAT Architecture PC
    • United Way of the Columbia-Willamette
    • Kenneth O. Wille and Associates, Inc.
    • The Wynn Family Fund
  • $250 - 499

    • Asian Americans for Equality, Inc.
    • Christian Church Homes of Northern California
    • HCGH: A Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine
    • Little Tokyo Service Center
           Community Development Corporation
    • Luminalt Energy Corporation
    • Metropolitan Transportation Commission
    • New Destiny Housing Corporation
    • Related California
    • David Paul Rosen & Associates
    • The Seattle Foundation
    • Settlement Housing Fund
    • Southside United HDFC
    • Togawa Smith Martin Inc.
    • Weissman Construction Services
  • Up to $249

    • AmazonSmile Foundation
    • Laura and John Arnold Foundation
    • B&B Supportive LLC
    • Berg Family Charitable Fund at
           Schwab Charitable Fund
    • Cathedral Square Corporation
    • The Columbus Foundation
    • JRS Dryfoos Charitable Lead Trust
    • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    • The GiveCorps Foundation, Inc.
    • The Green Engineer, Inc.
    • TisBest Charity Gift Cards
  • Matching Gift Donors

    • Bank of America
    • Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
    • Freddie Mac Foundation
    • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    • Goldman Sachs Bank USA
    • The Moody's Foundation
    • Neuberger Berman, LLC
    • The Pew Charitable Trusts
  • In-Kind Donors

    • The Langham Huntington Hotel, Pasadena
    • Los Angeles Dodgers
    • PERCH LA Citrus Hospitality Management
    • Jeff Schafer
    • U.S. Bank, N.A.
    • Jacqueline Waggoner
    • Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.